Friday, 31 October 2014

365 Days In Nature - October 2014

I began taking a nature photo on the 1st of January 2013.
My goal was to take one every day for the whole year.
I achieved that, now I'm back for another year.
I started a Facebook group to share our nature photos.
It has grown to more than 200 members from all around the world.
And it's the best group on Facebook.
No, I'm not at all biased!
If you want to join us, you can find us here... 365 Days In Nature

Day 274 - 1st October ~ Bees, Butterflies & Dragonflies: A pretty butterfly on a pretty yellow flower.

Day 275 - 2nd October ~ Bees, Butterflies & Dragonflies: Another dragonfly, this one from the duck pond.

Day 276 - 3rd October ~ Bees, Butterflies & Dragonflies: Finishing the theme with this interesting bee. I've only ever seen it once. Does anyone know what it is?

Day 277 - 4th October ~ Any Kind of Birds: It's bird week!! So many birds, so few days! I'm starting with one of my favourite birds. I snapped this rainbow lorikeet in my brother and sister-in-law's garden on Wednesday.

Day 278 - 5th October ~ Any Kind of Birds: Here's another one from my brother & sister-in-law's garden. Gotta love a pink bird, even if it is called a Galah!

Day 279 - 6th October ~ Any Kind of Birds: Today's little birdie is from my sister's garden. When we went to visit last week the kids found a Willy Wagtail nest out near the pool. This is the protective little mum or dad, I can't tell the difference.

Day 280 - 7th October ~ Any Kind of Birds: These are the babies of yesterday's Willy Wagtail.

Day 281 - 8th October ~ Any Kind of Birds: I think this is a juvenile male Fig Bird in our mulberry tree.

Day 282 - 9th October ~ Any Kind of Birds: A Blue-faced Honeyeater in my Mum's Grevillea.

Day 283 - 10th October ~ Any Kind of Birds: The final bird for the week is one I hadn't seen before. We spotted these in a camping ground near Kenilworth, I believe it's a brown pigeon or brown cuckoo dove.

Day 284 - 11th October ~ Flowers & Trees: This week I'm putting flowers and trees together to show some of my favourite flowering trees. I'm starting with a pretty pink frangipani.

Day 285 - 12th October ~ Flowers & Trees: My next flowering tree is the stunning Illawarra Flame Tree. Red used to be my least favourite colour, but I think this is beautiful.

Day 286 - 13th October ~ Flowers & Trees: Not sure what this one is, it might be a Brachychiton 'Griffith Pink'. There aren't many of these around here but I found this beautiful tree is at our duck pond.

Day 287 - 14th October ~ Flowers & Trees: A beautiful Bauhinia.

Day 288 - 15th October ~ Flowers & Trees: One of my favourites, the frilly Crepe Myrtle.

Day 289 - 16th October ~ Flowers & Trees: I always look forward to our lovely Poinciana flowering in December...another red flower I now love.

Day 290 - 17th October ~ Flowers & Trees: Finishing with my favourite, the jacarandas. Our town turns purple in October and I love it! The only thing that could possibly be better is if jacaranda flowers were pink!!

Day 291 - 18th October ~ Roses: Very happy to be heading into another week of roses! All of my roses this week are from my Aunty Rose's garden on the farm. They were all taken a few weeks ago when we were home for the school holidays.

Day 292 - 19th October ~ Roses: Another beautiful rose from Aunty Rose's garden. I don't know what it is, but she remember every single one.

Day 293 - 20th October ~ Roses: Today's roses courtesy of Aunty Rose...

Day 294 - 21st October ~ Roses: I loved this velvety rose in Aunty Rose's garden.

Day 295 - 22nd October ~ Roses: Peachy prettiness in Aunty Rose's garden.

Day 296 - 23rd October ~ Roses: A beautiful rose bud in Aunty Rose's garden.

Day 297 - 24th October ~ Roses: The final rose for the beautiful rose week. It's not perfect but it is pretty.

Day 298 - 25th October ~ Big: A big tree at Mapleton Falls National Park.

Day 299 - 26th October ~ Big: The biggest ocean in the world...the Pacific Ocean...

Day 300 - 27th October ~ Big: Taken from the balcony of our holiday unit last year and looking quite small in the very big ocean, a big whale.

Day 301 - 28th October ~ Big: That big thing in the sky at night...the moon.

Day 302 - 29th October ~ Big: One of the biggest mountains in the Scenic Rim...Mount Barney.

Day 303 - 30th October ~ Big: Big feathers in the sky.

Day 304 - 31st October ~ Big: For the final big thing in nature...the biggest thing in our solar system...the sun...

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