Friday, 31 October 2014

FMS Photo a Day Challenge - October 2014

I've been playing along with the Photo a Day Challenge set by
since August 2012 and haven't missed a single day.
Nope, not one day!

Now I'm back at it for another New Year.
I add to this post daily
and also post the photos to the
FMS Photo A Day Facebook group.

1. A is beautiful Ava.

2. B is for...barn. The original building on the farm. My grandfather and his brother lived in this barn, circa 1936, until the house was built.

3. C is for...cow! Was there ever any doubt? Say hello to Leesa...

4. D is for...dam. We used to swim in this when it was new...about 35 years ago!

5. E is for...eggs, so fresh they're still in the nest in my brother & sister-in-law's back yard on the farm.

6. F is for...fence post. There are lots of these on the farm!

7. G is for...golden light over the farm at sunset.

8. H is for...hay!

9. I is for...irrigator. I was still a kid when we first got these on the farm. They certainly saved Dad lots of time, no more moving pipes every day. We all ran under the water like it was a giant sprinkler...well, I guess it is. Man did that water sting!

10. J is for...John Deere. There are a lot of tractors on the farm, and every single one is a John Deere.

11. K is for...kangaroo statue in my brother and sister-in-law's garden on the farm.

12. L is for...Logan River, the eastern boundary of the farm. My Dad used to fish and we used to swim in it when we were kids. Now my brother fishes and our kids swim in it.

13. M is for...milk!! What else? And I just noticed the date on the bottles is drink up!

14. N is for...nettles...STINGING nettles!! I still remember how much these hurt when I was a kid.

15. O is for...Origin gas tanks, big ones! They use the gas to heat the water in the boiler for pasteurisation of milk, and cleaning the whole system.

16. P is for...pretty flower on a prickly plant.

17. Q is for...quad bike. Dad is taking Miss 7 and her cousin down to move the irrigator.

18. R is for...robots...yep these things milk cows these days, all by themselves. Aren't they clever?

19. S is for...silos silhouetted by the setting sun.

20. T is for...tractor!

21. U is for...udder! That was to be udderly expected now, wasn't it?

22. V is for...vat. This one sits just outside the dairy and is full of milk...4REAL!

23. W is for...wheel. A big old tractor wheel.

25. Y is for...cow yards at the dairy.

26. Z is!

27. One - One lonesome goat (not really, its friends are just out of the shot to the right!)

28. Two - Two tall trees down by the river at sunset.

29. Three - Three kids in the river on the farm.

30. Four - Four spouts of milk in the robotic dairy.

31. Five - My final photo for the October on the Farm theme (I've really enjoyed this month!) is five silos...

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