Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Birthday Balloons

Yesterday was my husband's 40th birthday.
We blew up a bag of balloons for him to walk in the door to after work.
Balloons are so pretty!
The kids were calling the office the party room.


  1. OH I LOVE balloons also Thea! Such bright colours, all floaty and happy. Great shot! :o)

  2. Cute! But did you blow up 40 balloons?? I made a tradition of leaving bunch of balloons same number as kids' ages tied to bedroom door to greet them when they work on birthday morning. Stopped at 12 I think!!

  3. Thanks for the comments Julie & Denyse.

    Denyse - I'd never thought of that idea!! What a lovely thing to do. I only blew up 20....should have bought 2 packs. lol


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