Friday, 15 July 2011

Sunset & Clouds

I think I've discovered my favourite things to photograph are flowers and sunsets.

The clouds were stunning at yesterday's sunset.


  1. What a ripper!!!! That is a prize winner!! Well done you. Love the angles & the trees & the cloud patterns....g r e a t

  2. This photo is exquisite Thea! The kind that needs to be framed. Beautiful!

  3. Wow! The colours! I do love an amazing sunset. Well done you! x

  4. Confession time: I feel like a bit of a cow, that I hadn't noticed your photography blog until today! So I have looked through all your pics and have to say, you really are good at this! I think you have an incredible talent! xx

  5. Wow, Wendy!! Thank you so much! You just made my week. xx

  6. Wow I absolutely adore this shot - Beyond in love.
    Isn't mother nature just the best artist we could hope for?
    Great capture sweets x
    p.s. Thanx for stopping by on my blog.


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