Sunday, 3 July 2011

Disney On Ice

I've been away for almost four days in an internet black zone!!
So let's play catch up.

Here's what we saw Thursday.
It was wonderful!

PS I took 109 photos and exhausted my battery before the end of the show. Most of the photos were blurry, it was too dark and they were moving too fast on the ice. This was the last one I got before it died!


  1. Oh how gorgeous! I would love to do Disney on Ice with the boys one day, looks magical!
    Glad you're back, have missed your lovely snap shots :o) xo

  2. I love this picture. When my kids were young I would always take pix at Disney on Ice. This is a fantastic one. (I have always wondered at the choice of Tinkerbell as a corporate image since the character in the book - and in the Disney classic - is a very jealous, murderous bitch! LOL!)

    Love the colors and the action in this pic!


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