Thursday, 4 August 2011

Birds in Flight

Yesterday Miss 3 and I went to the duck pond, again.
I took my camera, again.
I've taken so many photos at the duck pond I didn't know if I would get anything 'new'.
But boy was I wrong.
I took so many that I love I had to write a whole post about it over at my other place, Do I Really Wanna Blog.
Click here to see A Day At the Duck Pond.

It was the flock of wild little corellas that made it special.

It was hard to know what I was getting because of the glare on the camera screen and the birds were moving so fast. I just kept snapping but the camera could hardly keep up, it was too slow.

But I was very happy when I saw them on the computer,
and I gasped when I saw this one.

I still can't believe I took this!


  1. It is lovely thea. I also love the pairs in the trees. Amazing.

  2. I just dropped by to see your pics, because you told me to, ha. You've got so many different birds and flowers that I've never seen before. I love the gum tree shot the best, on this page anyway.

    Thanks for the nice tour of your part of the world.

  3. Great choice Thea! It is a beautiful photo, majestic birdies soaring across the sky... I could never get sick of photos like that :o) xo


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