Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Coriander Flowers

We like to grow herbs...basil and coriander are my favouites.
And I know that once they go to seed...they're pretty much useless for cooking purposes.
But this.....this teeny tiny coriander flower...
I could never have imagined how glorious it would be so close up.
To me...the delicate simplicity of this flower is divine.


  1. I have never seen coriander flowers before. I had no idea they were so pretty!

    I should grow some and just let it go to seed,lol. (I'm one of those that HATES coriander leaves {love the spice, just hate the leaves}).

    You're getting some beautiful pics, Thea. Am loving it.

  2. That is incredible Thea! Thank you so much for sharing this, as I actually can't stand coriander, really dislike the taste and feel it spoils some foods because it's too overpowering. But this little flower... delightful! :o) Can't judge a herb by it's taste ;o) xo

  3. Oh wow! How delightfully pretty and intricate!


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