Tuesday, 16 August 2011


This photo is almost two years old, but I love it.
In September 2009 we were very fortunate to get up close and personal with the dolphins at Sea World.
The head dolphin trainer happened to live next door to my parents.
Yep, he lived way out in the country, travelled over an hour to work every day.
He had horses and used to get hay from Mum & Dad.
He very kindly offered free tickets for the whole family, that's six adults and eight children, into Sea World.
But not only that, he told us to stay after the dolphin show for a private feeding and patting of them.
I've loved dolphins for a very long time, so this was an amazing day for me.
They're just so beautiful.
And if you haven't felt one before, they feel like a shiny new, wet rubber boot.


  1. Lovely photo could be a contender as a postcard.
    They are amazing mammals, swimming with the wild Dolphins back in Victoria was a very pleasant experience.

  2. Oh Thea, dolphins have always been an absolute favourite of mine. I used to collect anything dolphin related as a child. Hubby and I took a cruise years back in Port Stephens and did not see ONE dolphin. I believe it is very rare not to see them on one of those cruises. We were disappointed. But made sure we took in the dolphin show at Seaworld a couple of years later. What a wonderful experience you had and a beautiful photo too! :o) xo

  3. I love dolphins! Many years ago on one of our trips to Disney World, we were at The Living Seas (the world's largest tank is there) very early in the morning. My wife sat down at the tank when a dolphin swam up to the glass and was looking to play with her. She and the dolphin played together for about 15 minutes until it decided to move on.


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